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As we all know that social media has become a crucial part of our lives. From small a medium of communication to a marketing platform, it has grown massively over the years. Instagram is one of the most popular yet prominent social media platforms that have millions of users all over the world.

To promote a business, whether small scale or long scale, Instagram is undoubtedly an excellent application for the purpose. If your business is just constraint to physical presence, then there are fewer chances that it will reach its top. Therefore, promoting business on social media is a necessity these days.

Here, we are going to talk about how you can promote your small business on Instagram.

Find your potential audience

Any business needs to determine your potential customers so that you can target them specifically. No matter how good you post content on Instagram, but if you don’t know the audience you have to focus on, then it is of no use. One can take the help of Instagram insights to understand who can be your targeted audience. The tool provides you the following:

• Impressions that will tell you how many times you’re content was seen.
• Reach: number of different accounts views
• Clicks on website business profile
• Frequency of follower activities
• How many post people saw your instagram story views

Market instead of selling

The customer is the kingpin of demand, and therefore it is the responsibility of every business to take care of its customers first. There is a vast difference between selling and marketing. Spamming the social media platform of your customers by just showing your product creates an adverse impact. Instead, one should engage with its audience and try to make personal connections with them. For instance, if you have business with apparel, then you can make your customers post their pictures wearing your product. The more people share your product, the more reach you will get on Instagram. Moreover, you can also conduct some contests to make your page more interesting for your audience. More engagement leads to more conversion, which ultimately makes the business profitable.

Hashtags play a crucial role!

Using the right hashtags is essential to make your page reach the maximum audience. One can search on Google, the trendiest, and appropriate content for the page. Try to use niche hashtags as it will allow you to attract the ideal customers of your product. Also, you can look for hashtags that your existing followers are currently using. With this, you can smartly approach the right people for your business and can gain over your competitors.

Right time of posting

Along with all other ways of promoting business on Instagram, you need to look for the appropriate time for posting your content. According to recent observation, the perfect and right time to post is between 7 pm and 9 pm. It is always suggested to display the material and pictures at this time. However, one should not rely solely on these polls and observe the time in which your audience is paying attention to your post maximally. There are some standardized tips that Instagram provides its users to look at:
• Always look for the non-working hours such as lunch and evenings as people are most active during this time.
• Try to post maximum pictures, videos and content on the weekend of you are dealing in a B2C business

Create captivating content

If we talk about Instagram, images play the most crucial role in creating engagement from the audience. Content is the essence of marketing, and posting the most creative and attractive content is of utmost importance. Publishing good quality photos makes it more appealing, and people only stop to look at your product when it seems captivating to them. Adding creative content every time is also essential to keep it interesting for your customers and give them delight. This will help you gain customers that would remain loyal to your brand.

A call to action is a must!

If you want your users to show interest or buy your product or service, then you should be very clear with the fact that a call-to-action plan is essential. On other social media platforms, you can mention several direct links so that your potential audience can easily reach to your brand. However, on Instagram, it is a bit tougher as this social media application merely allows you to mention a single link that in your bio and not at any other place. The next question that arises is how to persuade them to click on your bio link. This you can do by providing only the main content and the rest, you can refer them to click on your bio for additional information.

So, these were some of the tips on how to promote your small business over Instagram.

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