Friday March 9, 2018
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Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India

When: March 9, 2018
06:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Phone: 8884612008
Address: Narayan Kunj
Jonk , Swargashram Ramjhula
Rishikesh, UT 24930

Description: Overview: The majority goes along with the fact that there is no better place on the planet to do Yoga than the serenity of India’s rich Yogic legacy. Being the birthplace of the ancient science, the holy land of India is utterly blessed with a number of yogi-enticing spots. From the tranquil trails of Himalayas to the placid bank of the holy Ganges, including scads of such settings and a sublime climate, India offers the kind of territory one needs for Yoga. Practice and feel the depth of the yogic knowledge on the astonishing uphills of the giant Himalayas in the proximity of the Mother Nature. Unleash your enormous entombed potential with Shwaasa’s Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India. Date: 8th - 12th March 2018 About the Program The 5-day program in the astounding vicinity of Himalaya’s natural beauty is the path to deep inner relaxation and rejuvenation. In the companionship of our revered guru Sri Vachananda Ji, expand your knowledge of the holy science and get an appointment with the inner soul. Have a look at the prime highlights of the Himalayan Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh: • Traditional Yoga training from the accomplished Yoga teachers. • Pranayama practice for health and spiritual benefits. Realize the importance of breathing in every Yoga Pose. • Meditation for mental revival. • Explore your inner soul during a visit to various traditional and spiritual towns like Vashishta Cave, Kodiyala, Deoria Tal, Sunset watch in Srinagar, etc. • Experience mind’s unification with body and soul while participating in Satsang, Aarti, and various Yogic activities. Away from the vices of the modern life, encounter the unruffled presence of the God. • Sightseeing to various Indian towns and places of historical, traditional, and spiritual importance. Visit the solace-offering temples, carmelite monasteries, and enthralling caves of India. Take part in different audacious activities such as hiking through the trails of the Himalayas. Food and Accommodation: Nourish yourself with the extremely wholesome and highly palatable meals thrice a day. Fully vegetarian and sattvic in composition, the food we offer is prepared by our highly experienced chefs. On request, we would love to serve vegan meal choices too. Well-furnished rooms equipped with all the daily-need modern amenities including twin-beds, fans, geysers, etc., shall be your habitation for the next five days. A perfect abode for yogis, we offer a sublime, natural ambience to our yogis. Fee Details: Total fee including food, housing, and excursions is 450 USD. For Indian students: Rs 35,000 For payment and other details about the course and facilities, kindly visit our website: About Shwaasa: Being a leader in the field of Yoga education and healing, the Bangalore-headquartered Yoga school blesses a number of yogis every year with its traditional Yoga legacy. Commenced by our revered guru Sri Vachanand Ji in 2012, Shwaasa celebrates one of the biggest Yoga awards on the globe, Yoga Ratna on every Yoga Day. The school offers a number of Yoga Teacher Training programs and retreats including Yoga Retreat, Yoga Therapy, Spiritual Retreats, Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India, etc.


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