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Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Regis-Applejack Address: P.O.Box 245 Paul Smiths, New York 12970 Phone: 518-327-3117 Since 1946 Camp Regis AppleJack has been the entrusted summer camp go-to for many families and their children. Camp Regis AppleJack offers a structured environment for children to learn and grow during significant stages of childhood, allowing for a solid foundation as well as an open mind for the future. Providing daily encouragement in building self-confidence as well as a level of independence, which too, carries through to adulthood. At Camp Regis AppleJack there is a healthy exposure to diversity with motivation in expanding socialization skills, all contributing factors to overcoming a child’s reluctant nature of trying new things, as well as building lasting friendships. Keep in mind, Camp Regis AppleJack is not strictly limited to youth programs, as it offers additional programs including Family camp, Grown-up camp, and Mom camp.
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