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Website: https://www.hemingwayscuba.com Address: 15 Page Avenue 4th Floor Asheville, NC 28801 Phone: (828) 417-6866 If you find yourself in North Carolina, make sure you visit Hemingway’s Cuba, a rooftop restaurant in Asheville. Hemingway’s Cuba strives to serve authentic Cuban food and provide its guests with a unique restaurant experience. The founder of this rooftop restaurant in Asheville, Tony Fraga, is from Havana, Cuba and most recently went back in 2016 to gather new ideas to bring his Cuban restaurant to life. The famous author, Ernest Hemingway, frequented and favored the restaurant, which led to its name – Hemingway’s Cuba. This rooftop restaurant in Asheville overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains, which makes it the perfect scenic view. The authenticity and culture of Hemingway’s Cuba create a welcoming environment for all patrons.
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